As part of its Horizon 2025 strategy, Agrial is further developing the European activities of its Fresh Produce division with a focus on 4 priority countries

A key player in the raw, ready-to-eat vegetable sector in Europe with the Florette brand, Agrial’s Fresh Produce division is consolidating its UK presence by securing procurement of raw materials and is ceding its Swiss and Italian activity to the Spanish agri-food group GAC (Grupo Alimentario Citrus). The threefold growth of the Créaline factory additionally supports this increase in European development.


Leader in the fresh vegetable market in the United Kingdom thanks to the Florette brand, Agrial is acquiring the Angflor Ltd. Company, an innovative lettuce production company based close to Colchester in Essex.

A long-standing supplier to Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd., the British subsidiary of the Fresh Produce division, the Angflor company primarily produces lambs’ lettuce and baby leaf salads at a modern production centre that benefits from one of the highest levels of luminosity in the country. This acquisition is an opportunity to secure and consolidate Agrial’s procurement in the UK in terms of the variables that can impact the fresh fruit and vegetable market during certain periods of the year.

“We have been buying products from Angflor for many years. The production site has progressively grown from 11 hectares to 28 hectares, which makes it possible for us to increase our local procurement capacity. This very modern site also benefits from a cutting-edge water management system, particularly in terms of the collection and storage of rain water, which makes it self-sufficient in terms of water”, highlights Doug Roberston, Managing Director of Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd.

“Maintaining close links between agriculture and the agri-food industry is an essential aspect of the Agrial model, as it allows us to guarantee total control over our value chain, from field to fork, so that we can offer our customers high quality products that are affordable for a maximum number of people. Securing high quality procurement in addition to our other European production areas is a sign of our confidence in and commitment to the British fresh fruit & vegetables market”, states Bertrand Totel, Executive Vice-President of the Agrial Fresh Produce division.


Present on the fruit and vegetable market in Switzerland since 2007 and in Italy since 2008, Agrial is ceding is activities to the Spanish agri-food group GAC (Grupo Alimentario Citrus), a fresh products and baby foods specialist.

These Swiss and Italian subsidiaries have 2 production sites: one near Zurich (Switzerland), with 136 employees, and the Italian factory in Novara (near Milan), with 44 employees. The GAC group guarantees stability of personnel and the continued availability of products produced by these two subsidiaries on the Swiss and Italian markets.

“For the purposes of Agrial’s Horizon 2025 strategy, we made the decision to let these activities go in order to concentrate our development on the fresh fruit & vegetables market in 4 priority countries: France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany. Our Florette brand is already very well established in these 4 countries, the potential for further development is extensive and we are going to commit ourselves even further”, explains Bertrand Totel, Executive Vice-President of the Agrial Fresh Produce division.


In keeping with the European development of the Fresh Produce division, the Créaline company, specialist in purees and fresh soup, is also furthering its development of emerging markets where Agrial would like to consolidate its presence: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Spain. With its premium positioning, focussed on the development of natural, fresh products that are additive- and preservative-free, Créaline has the ability to create significant added value compared with existing offers on these markets.

Supported by this positive dynamic and in response to increasing European demand, the company has modernised its industrial facilities in Lessay (in the La Manche département of northern France) and now has an additional 6000 m² for the production of its products. This extension has enabled the company to triple its total production capacity and also to focus on new product development. Within this extension, 1,000m² is dedicated to design and production of the subsidiary’s brand new products. To support this growth more than 50 employees have been recruited to the site over the last 2 years. The official opening of this extension will take place in Lessay (La Manche département ) next 15th March.


Agrial is a French farming and food cooperative company supporting its cooperative farmer members to promote and commercialize their production. Based on iconic brands, the Group has 150 processing sites in 15 countries and develops food-processing activities in the fields of milk, fresh produce, beverages and meat. As a committed company, Agrial develops responsible and high performing agricultural practices and offers consumers safe, healthy and tasty food. Agrial’s 13,000 cooperative members and 22,000 employees together uphold the company values: sustainability, proximity, solidarity and daring. In 2017, the Group achieved a turnover of €5.5 billion.

European leader in ready-to-use vegetables, the Agrial Fresh Produce division is structured around three well-known brands: Florette (raw, ready-to eat vegetable range), Priméale (fresh veg range) and Créaline (cooked, pasteurised or sterilised vegetables). It sells 850,000 tonnes of vegetables each year, thanks to production sites located in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Morocco and Senegal. The division made a turnover of 1.3 billion euros in 2017 and has 12,800 employees.

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